Datasets and APIs

Free and open environmental impact information. LCA information in linked data format, available as RDF and JSON. Keys will be available for the hackathon.


Open supply chains. Map where things come from. Possibility to create and retrieve supplychains maps.

46 Elks

Add voice, mms and sms to your hack. Free keys will be available for the hackathon.


AMEE provides a comprehensive database of carbon dioxide impact information in different formats.

Carbon calculated

Carbon calculated is a free API providing carbon dioxide information for resources such as materials and transportation. A ruby gem for easy access is available open source.

Simple API that given quantitative carbon dioxide information transforms it to everyday units that are easier to understand such as kilometers by car or hours having a light bulb on.

Social Hotspots

Information for every country about risk assessment for social LCA.


API for the popular microcredits serviceĀ Kiva


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