Stockholm Green Hackathon

the 21st/22nd of October 2011 at KTH

The Stockholm Green Hackathon was a success, with more than thirty participants coming from eight different countries and creating eleven interesting hacks. You can see the pictures from the event here. More information about the results here. The winners were:

Developers, researchers and students got together for hands-on developing ideas and prototypes for a sustainable and resilient future.

During 24 hours the participants of the hackathon collaborated in front of their screens and create prototypes of solutions that contribute to a sustainable future. The solutions consisted of apps, mobile services and web services in the context of environmental sustainability.

One of the goals of Green Hackathon was to highlight the potentials of the “Open Data”-principles, which make it easier to access “environmental facts”, and which are an important part of decisions with a focus on sustainability in our society.

When? The hackathon started Friday the 21st of October and continued until Saturday.

Where? At R1 Reactor Hall, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.

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